Vision Science Research Program
Vision Science Research Program
Can we reverse age-related vision loss?
Vision Science Research Program
Studying the science of sight

About Us

The Vision Science Research Program (VSRP) supports vision research and training across the University of Toronto.  Its goal is to foster research in vision science and to build the capacity of the University’s

  • address complex impairments to human sight
  • mechanism of eye disease
  • enhance our understanding of the vision process
  • increase the usefulness of diagnostic tools that assess the eye

Originally established by a prescient group of volunteer fundraisers (see our history), the program leverages a $17.25 million endowment to train graduate students and to support vision research  activities at the University Health Network. The program is based at the University Health Network and led by Director, Dr. Valerie Wallace.

The VSRP awards funds to Masters and PhD students (including PhD students who have completed medical training), who wish to pursue training in vision research. Proposals are reviewed and adjudicated under the auspices of the Chair of the Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences, however students participate from multiple University of Toronto faculties, with the supervision of a VSRP member.  Twenty-four trainees are currently supported, new applications will be received in May 2016.

Funds are awarded based on financial need and academic achievement. Two prestige awards, the Stella Zegas Dunn Graduate Scholarship in Vision Science and the Dr. William P. Callahan Fellowship for Clinician Scientists recognize the achievements of outstanding students within the program.