Vision Science Research Program
Vision Science Research Program
Can we reverse age-related vision loss?
Vision Science Research Program
Studying the science of sight


Deadline May 17, 2024

Please read the guidelines before going to the application link at end of this page



Our mission is to support research and training excellence in the area of vision and eye disease.  Innovative projects that may have high risk but with a chance of high reward will be prioritized for funding.


Review Criteria

A. 50% - project

    30% Innovation

    20% Scientific merit and disease relevance

B. 25% Student - Academics and activity (transcript, abstracts, publications, awards)

C. 25% Supervisor/environment.


Funding Guidelines to Supervisors

  • In any competition, each supervisor can have a maximum of two students submit new applications.  This does not include renewals.
  • Each supervisor can have a maximum of three VSRP-funded students at any time.
  • Strict term limits: 2 years for MSc, 4 years for PhD.  There will be no extension beyond the term limits.   If only one year of MSc funding is used, the lost year of funding will not carry over to the PhD program, eg still only 4 years of funding for PhD.
  • Supervisor’s CV will include funding information.


Funding Guidelines to Students

The Vision Science Research Program provides support for MSc and PhD trainees from across the University of Toronto studying novel questions in vision science. Interested trainees must apply online by the deadline. Online application form is posted every April for the coming academic year.

VSRP awards are OSOTF awards (Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund).  To be eligible for any OSOTF award the recipient must comply with OSOTF guidelines and demonstrate financial need.

To apply for a VSRP award you must:

  1. Be a resident of Ontario (either a Canadian citizen or a (landed immigrant) permanent resident of Canada having an Ontario mailing address)
  2. Demonstrate financial need by and uploading a filled OSOTF Financial Needs Assessment Form which is provided in the application link.
  3. Be registered in the School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto 
  4. Undertake a graduate project that is related to Vision Science/Health Research
  5. Identify a supervisor who is a member of the VSRP, and who has adequate funding support to ensure your project can be completed. (Membership criteria for supervisors)
  6. Complete the Application Link.    By completing the application, you consent to the collection of your submitted data for the purpose of reviewing and assessing your application.  Your data will be securely stored on UHN servers and retained for 7 years in compliance with regulatory requirements. The data will be used by limited number of people working on this program and will not be used for any other purposes.

To apply for a renewal of VSRP award, please note:

  1. Annual renewal of VSRP, award funding is contingent upon evidence of satisfactory annual progress, as defined by the Award Committee’s review on your annual progress report. Funding trainees are also required to apply for at least two external graduate awards.  
  2. Supervisors of renewal students are required to fill out an Annual Report form, which will be provided in the application link, AND write a support letter which includes a description of the availability of funding in support of the applicant’s research plan.

There is a $500 award as an incentive to award holders for any first or co-first author publication.


Please complete and submit: VSRP OSOTF APPLICATION LINK